Getting to know a new creative mentor, Tracy

I spoke with a creative mentor named Tracy during the latest orientation for teaching artists and creative mentors. It is great to have student artists like me involved because one of our goals is to create community. One way to do just that is to have people meet and get to know one another.

She has moved to the Pacific Northwest after eight years in New York City, where she studied interior design and put together public art installations, what she described as live sets. I would love to learn more about that! We only had a brief time to talk.

Tracy wanted to connect with an arts group in Seattle, so she did a Google search and discovered Path with Art. Talking to her sister, who is a social worker at Harborview, she asked her about the arts in the city and mentioned Path with Art. Her sister had high praise for the organization and said that she refers her clients there, reconfirming what Tracy had learned. Isn’t that great to hear?!

Originally from Wenatchee, Tracy said that she knows how trauma can affect people and that the arts are a way of healing.

“I have fallen into a kind of healing path with the arts,” she explained.

I love talking with people, including those new to Path with Art. I worked as a journalist quite awhile and that inquisitive curiosity has never left me. So, thank you, Tracy for sharing your story.

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