Topic of discussion: What inspires you?

Art by Angela Michaelina

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The topic for the month of March 2021 is the following, an old chestnut to ask creative sorts, I suppose: What inspires you?

To kick things off, I guess what inspires me isn’t exactly an orthodox response: often, the ideas I get for my artwork are from me turning phrases, expressions, unusual remarks, and snippets of lyrics on their heads and creating depictions from that. That is, often times, I like to think of how these bits of words might look literally and create something from that. The words themselves act as the titles of these pieces. Oddly, this process seems to be a reverse of how I write as I don’t create titles to my written works until the body of the work has been completed.

Granted, not all of my visual art stems from this source and process of inspiration. When I find that I am working on an assigned project or something with a loose prompt, I regularly find myself returning to certain subjects that have been constants through out my life and finding ways of weaving those into the works, either overtly or subliminally. It’s fun seeing if and when people pick up on this.

So, how about you? What do you find inspiring? How does it affect you creatively?

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