$3 movie tickets!

In an effort to get people into seats, major movie theater companies including AMC and Regal will be participating in National Cinema Day on Saturday, September 3rd. Every movie and every showing in every format will be three bucks. So now is the time to see the re-release of Jaws or the latest with Gru and his minions. Wanna see something in IMAX? It is only $3. You can’t beat that. Labor Day weekend is traditionally one of the slowest weekends for theaters. This may become a thing, so look for it next year as well. It has been so long since I have seen a movie in a theater.


A brief lesson in writing

Do you see the mistake?

Perfectionist that I am, this headline from The Seattle Times caught my attention. The photograph grabbed me first and then I noticed the error. This is not meant to embarrass or shame anyone. We all make mistakes. Instead, I consider this a lesson in cooperation.

Snoqualmie Tunnel is the subject of an eerie reader’s photo
As this headline is written, the reader, whose name is Nick, is eerie, and he may very well be, but it is the photo in this instance that is eerie. So the headline needs to be rewritten, moving the word eerie. Snoqualmie Tunnel is the subject of a reader’s eerie photo. Nick is no longer eerie. His photo is.

Putting out a newspaper is a monumental task and it takes a group working together to pull it off. Writing is a key component of that effort. That is why there are proofreaders and copy editors and, for writers like you and me, friends willing to help and critique. One of my newest “friends” is an app I recently installed called Grammarly.

It is a terrific tool. It works very much like Microsoft Word, underlining in red words that need help. It helps me a lot in correcting mistakes, and I make plenty. It also has helped me in writing better and in learning the English language more completely. I am a bit better now at commas.

Anyway, for the writers out there, I want to encourage you. That is one of the reasons for this blog. Write something and post it! There are no worries here. There is no judgment. Mistakes are normal. Do not worry about making them. Even the best writers on the planet make mistakes. We want this to be your sandbox, to play and to create as you see fit. I want to read what you write!


‘Every medium has its own language’

“I used to only want to be a painter. That was it for me. I ended up at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and I was in this little cubicle in our big shared studio one night around ten o’clock. I was painting a three-foot square of a garden at night. It was mostly black with some green coming out. I sat back—probably to take a smoke—and I looked at the painting. I heard this wind coming from the painting and the green started to move. I said, ‘Oh, a moving painting,’ and that led me to cinema.”


Beauty in glass

Pink Seaform Set, glass sculpture, made in 1984 by Dale Chihuly, photo by Terry Brennan
Pink Seaform Set, glass sculpture, made in 1984 by Dale Chihuly, photo by Terry Brennan

A new museum is opening in Shoreview, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, that will display the private art collection of an art lover and philanthropist named Gerald Cafesjian. This includes the above piece by Dale Chihuly, who along with his wife Leslie Jackson Chihuly are supporters of Path with Art. Her personal story has been a great inspiration to me. I encourage people to watch the conversation she had with Holly Jacobson.