FREE Short Term Mentorships

Are you a Washington-based artist looking for a mentor?

Artists Up—a collaborative between the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, 4Culture, and Washington State Arts Commission—is connecting artists with mentors through Mentorly, an artist-owned and -operated online mentorship platform.

Apply for an Artists Up Mentorly Scholarship to receive 4 free online sessions with an artist-mentor of your choice. Mentors are available for:

  • Sculpture
  • Photography
  • Public Art Projects
  • Art to Facilitate Difficult Conversations
  • Fictional Writing
  • Teaching Art
  • Music
  • Dance and Choreography
  • Playwright
  • Theatre Production
  • Animator
  • Zine Creation
  • Woodcarving
  • Traditional, Cultural Art

The deadline to apply is January 30, 2023, 5 p.m. Pacific. Extra points are given to applications received early in the submission process, don’t delay. Under-resourced communities are encouraged to apply.

Apply for an Artists Up Mentorly Scholarship


Disabled Artists Call for Art – UPDATED


The Fortitude: Working Artists with Disability call for art has been extended through January 31st, 2023! Good news for artists that felt overwhelmed by holiday activities, or had difficulties submitting before the end of 2022. I am looking forward to other Path with Art artists joining me in submitting art for this art show. Slip Gallery in Seattle will be hosting the Fortitude art show during May 2023.

Fortitude will be part of the May 2023 Belltown Art Walk. During the Art Walk Artists will be able to sell paintings and prints directly to exhibit visitors. While the gallery will not handle sales, they will, throughout the month, direct interested buyers to the artist website or other contact.

Artists, living with a disability, are invited to submit up to five pieces of artwork. More information about art submission is available on Ivan Shearing’s Call for Art. Ivan will be curating this art show and is encouraging emerging artists to apply.

Slip Gallery is based in the belief that Art is For Everyone. With that in mind, shows are curated to tell the story of community through the vision of varied artists, rather than just focusing on solo artists. Recent past exhibits include:

  • Many Small Fires – group art exhibition of small works by 21 local women artists who offer us a glimpse into how they fuel their own personal fires.
  • DEAFHood – Reflections on identity and Deaf culture group art exhibit.

Just let me be

Many of the art teachers that I have met through the years — in grade school, at college, and beyond — are funnily rigid. I present a challenge to most of them. I do what I want artistically. I like exploring the act of creation. The teacher may have methods and goals, but these often are contradictory to my own. What I do not want to do is explore my feelings and then talk to a group about them. I want to create art. The creative process itself is therapeutic. Just let me do my art.



Call for Art: Disabled Artists

It isn’t often that disabled artists are recognized, but here is our chance! Take this opportunity to show how our creativity, necessitated by our disability, inspires creativity in our art pieces.

The Fortitude: Working Artists with Disability show will be in May, at the Slip Gallery but the deadline for submission is 12/31/22. Here you can get information about submitting your art to the show.

The show will run for a month and will have Disability Artist talks throughout. You may direct sale your artwork to interested buyer, the gallery won’t directly sell your work when you aren’t at the show. They will pass on information about your web site to contact you for the sale.