Some music for peeps

I love this Simon and Garfunkel song. Music is often inspiring to me. The score to Alfred Hitchcock‘s film North by Northwest helped me write what was supposed to be a short story for a college writing class. It ended up on the path to being a novel. The composer, Bernard Herrmann, was a pioneering genius with quirky, eccentric musical tastes, much like the fantastic Ennio Morricone. That novel is one of my unfinished projects, which I should resurrect and complete. Wish me luck.


Building a bridge between music and the healing arts

Milford Graves, a “legendary” artist and drummer, has died at the age of 79. He “figured out a way to feed the soul of anyone he performed with, dismantling barriers between drumming and dancing, between concert and healing ceremony, and even between musician and instrument.” His “radical approach galvanized everyone from Lou Reed to Albert Ayler, and built a bridge between music and the healing arts.”


Google and their doodles

I have been learning about María Grever, a Mexican singer and songwriter, thanks to Google.

Often to celebrate a person or holiday, Google has an artist design an image, what is called a doodle, and highlights it on their main search page. Sometimes these are region or country specific. I love taking a look through the various imagery the company has commissioned through the years.

Grever is considered to be one of Mexico’s greatest composers. Her songs have been performed by many, including Placido Domingo, Aretha Franklin, and Frank Sinatra.