Another photo from Rio

Long-time PWA Participant Artist Dragonsong wants to share another photo from her trip to Rio de Janeiro in 2007.

“We visited the huge and awe-inspiring statue of Christ. It is a magnificent monument.”

The statue is called Christ the Redeemer, or in Portuguese, Cristo Redentor. The style is Art Deco. It was designed by a French sculptor named Paul Landowski and built by engineers Heitor da Silva Costa, a Brazilian, and Albert Caquot, a Frenchman.

Previously, Dragonsong shared a photo of a sunset from the same trip.


Portraits of ancient cultures & traditions


A photographer has trekked more than 40,000 miles across Siberia and the Far East in Russia capturing the faces of vanishing ancient cultures with his camera.

“My life is my travels, or better, wanderings, since I spend most of the time on the road. It took years of travel to realize that not the new places but the people left the biggest impressions and shaped me as a person.”