Editor Checklist

Before publishing a post, please review this list to ensure everything has been completed.

Has the post been assigned a category, such as painting or poetry? Posts should not be left in the default, which is uncategorized. If no such category exists, you can create one.

Did you add tags, such as poems and writing or painting and oils? Please add at least two or three keywords that describe the post subject.

If the post is longer than a sentence or two, is there a beginning, a middle, and an end? Is there an introduction? When you read it, are there any places that are awkward? Are there places that are abrupt and need transitions?

Is the post easy to summarize? What is the topic or theme? Can you describe it in one or two sentences? Or are you confused?

Is the text broken up in a strange way? Does it flow naturally or is the placement/layout odd and difficult, breaking up the flow of reading?

Generally, almost always an image should go above any text, to catch the reader’s eyes. Note how front pages of newspapers look. Headline, photo, story. If a piece is quite long, consider adding smaller, minor images where the text wraps around the pictures. (Link to example.) You may need to ask the contributor for additional images, such as a photo of the person, either working on a project or as a portrait, or both.

If a submitter writes a good description of the process or the project as part of the submission, then please use it in quotation marks with the post. For example, Jessica Peterson, when describing her felt bunny, wrote this, “I got to make this cute little felted bunny with the art kit sent to me. I ended up not making it into a broach but just a cute little bunny to sit on a shelf. I wrote a cheesy little poem to go along with it.” Please do not leave these little gems behind.