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Stay Warm in Autumn: Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Hope for 2022

By Sarah L. Blum, Nurse and Vietnam Veteran Content Warning: mentions of violence, mental health, suicide The poem by Amanda Gorman, New Day’s Lyric, ends with a focus on coming together. I believe that is the key. There is so much hatred and violence which drives us apart from one another. In times of great… Continue reading Hope for 2022

The Color of Freedom

“The Color of Freedom” by Michael J. O’ConnellA Soldier’s Perspective on the American Revolution Over us did break the April sun, warmth penetrating the depths of our cold, miserable existence. Months have seemed to drift, no rush by like the great Father Time tossing sand into the gale. The ache in me is still, having… Continue reading The Color of Freedom

Native Fashion

Since the beginning of the year, Path with Art staff have a tradition of sharing the work of Native American artists at the start of our weekly staff meeting. Today, here are some Indigenous fashion designers we’ve been learning about and admiring all year round! Eighth Generation “Eighth Generation is a Seattle-based art and lifestyle… Continue reading Native Fashion

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