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Photo of artist Peter Blake's studio in London

Learn more about Peter Blake, described as Britain’s ‘godfather’ pop art. Early in his career he started experimenting with collage. He “redefined what collage can be: a collision of media, genre, time and space.”

“Much like his collage, Blake’s studio displays a pathological passion for amassing a dizzyingly broad assortment of things. It’s a portal to another world, brimming with 50,000 items including a fleet of model ships and a dresser piled high with hats for every mood and occasion – this is where the magic happens.”


Hemingway and the Art of Dialogue


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Hemingway and the Art of Dialogue

Along with his awards and persona, Hemingway is also famous for his literary style, particularly his approach to dialogue. Complementing the PBS Hemingway documentary by Ken Burns and the corresponding KCTS 9 virtual event Hemingway: Misogynistic or Misunderstood? this course will examine the characteristics of Hemingway’s dialogue in stories like “Hills Like White Elephants” and beyond. In addition, we’ll explore a few techniques and methodologies for strengthening the dialogue in our own works as well.


One of my favorites

Portrait of JRR Tolkien
“And some things
that should not have been
forgotten were lost.
History became legend.
Legend became myth.”
― JRR Tolkien
in The Lord of the Rings

He, too, was a soldier during the First World War. Some scenes in his books are a reflection on his experiences.