Surviving violence

You have to understand something about surviving violence. It is always with you. It is something you will never get over. And just as you are never going to get over it you incorporate the experience into the fabric of your life. It becomes a part of you.”

This resonated with me. Trauma has always been difficult for me to explain to people, particularly when the perpetrators are family, what society calls loved ones.


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Is the pandemic fostering a new generation of artists?

This month on the ArtsFund blog, the president and CEO of Sound, formerly Sound Mental Health, reflects on the importance of art during periods of increased isolation brought on by the pandemic and more. Learn about how arts exposure can positively impact your mental health.


Building a bridge between music and the healing arts

Milford Graves, a “legendary” artist and drummer, has died at the age of 79. He “figured out a way to feed the soul of anyone he performed with, dismantling barriers between drumming and dancing, between concert and healing ceremony, and even between musician and instrument.” His “radical approach galvanized everyone from Lou Reed to Albert Ayler, and built a bridge between music and the healing arts.”