Hand Ballet Performance

This gorgeous hand ballet, performed by both professional and amateur performers in wheelchairs and created by French choreographer Sadeck Waff, closed out the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games closing handoff ceremony. The performance features an opening sequence with Oxandre Pecku, the first person in France to receive a “bionic” arm from Open Bionics, and then turned to the stage of the wheelchair performers who gracefully moved their arms in time with each other and with the music, which was composed by Woodkid and performed by Orchestre National de France.

Check out the full article on Laughing Squid for behind the scenes videos of the performance and more of Sadek Waff’s work.


An acclaimed painter from America’s past

Detail of a woman looking into a mirror from one of Pauline Palmer’s paintings
Detail from one of Pauline Palmer’s paintings

Pauline Palmer, one of the outstanding women artists in AmericaPauline Palmer was an American artist based in Chicago.

In 1919, Palmer became the first woman elected president of the Chicago Society of Artists. The New York Times, in 1938, upon her death, noted that many art critics celebrated her as one of the most important painters in America.

She was known for her portraits, but also did landscapes and still-life oils. Her work was widely exhibited during her lifetime.

Born in 1867, she died in Norway while on a trip to Europe with her sister.


Learning of Judith Scott

Sisters Joyce Wallace Scott and Judith ScottSisters Joyce Wallace Scott and Judith Scott

Learning of Judith Scott
by Tim “Birch” Schooler

Judith Scott, deceased, endured tragedy in her life, and her works of texture, color, and form attest to perception and intuition of her vision. They are multicolored treasures. Since the time when she was born with her fraternal twin sister, Judith Scott had Down’s syndrome. Judith could not hear and did not learn to speak. Before her sister, Joyce Wallace Scott, gained custody, she had lived in an institution for more than thirty years.

Her artworks are ingenious and, often, resplendent works of textile and found objects. Perhaps the gift of her isolation from discourse was her breathtaking ingenuity with colors and textures and found objects.

I partly learned of Scott’s artwork during Ben’s 3-D Materials class through Path with Art.

I will have the biography titled Entwined by Joyce Scott delivered to my home, and I will learn about the tragic separation of the twins. I hope to then read about how Judith Scott overcame her years of isolation, gradually, with Creative Growth, an organization in Oakland, California.

The statement about her at the website of the Edlin Gallery indicates the power of Judith Scott. Amazing that is, since Judith, a vulnerable person, and her work which she discovered and produced became celebrated and treasured.